Before Removing Asbestos, You Need a Full Survey of The Property

Asbestos was widely used as a building material for its fire proof properties but became notorious because of its risks to human health. In the UK there has been a lot of work to remove it from properties, particularly those in the public and commercial sectors where huge numbers of people could potentially be exposed to it. It has also become an issue when people come to do work on or demolish old properties. Asbestos needs to be removed carefully and disposed of before any other alterations to the property can be made.
In most cases it is difficult to determine the extent asbestos has been used within a property. It can be present in ceiling panels, as insulation for pipes, sprayed or textured coatings and on boards around windows, fireplaces and radiators. Any property built before 1999 can contain it in one form or another.
To reduce the risk of exposure and contamination it is important to have properties surveyed before any work is done, particularly if you are demolishing them. With a demolition you could spread the material into the wider environment and cause a great deal of damage if you take the property down before determining whether asbestos is present. This can leave you facing huge fines as well as putting the safety of people and wildlife in the surrounding area at risk.
We are the leading providers of asbestos demolition surveys in Northern Ireland and have built an immense wealth of knowledge and experience. All of our surveys are done in line with the Health and Safety Executive’s guidelines as set out in HSG264 guide. We take health and safety very seriously and ensure that every single property is checked in detail to determine the exact extent of the asbestos.
Asbestos demolition surveys in NI must be done before any remodelling or demolition work takes place. You should arrange them to be carried out well in advance to ensure surveyors have time to conduct a full assessment and report back to you with the details. You should never compromise health and safety and the wider environment by rushing work and not getting a survey.

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