Asbestos Must be Removed from Buildings Before Demolition

Asbestos is capable of inflicting a lot of damage, but remained in widespread use in buildings up until fairly recently, only being banned for use in new builds in 1999. The disposal of this material is very strictly regulated. Steps are being taken to remove this dangerous material from buildings across Northern Ireland and the UK.
All it takes is the slightest disturbance for asbestos fibres, which cannot be seen by the human eye, to dislodge. When dislodged, these fibres travel into the airways and lungs, causing many health issues. One major problem during the demolition of buildings is the presence of asbestos. In cases where buildings contain asbestos, specialist surveys need to be carried out prior to specialist demolition of the building, ensuring that the material can be disposed of safely. We specialise in demolition surveys and asbestos management surveys in Northern Ireland, and can help you to put measures in place to ensure your employees can carry out their work in the safest possible way.
Our demolition survey locates and notes down all materials which contain asbestos, which generally requires some destructive elements in order to access areas where asbestos may be hidden. If only part of the building needs to be demolished or refurbished, then only that part will be surveyed. Due to the thoroughness expected, these surveys are length and a lot more in-depth than management surveys, and can be conducted throughout the fabric of the building, from the walls to the vents. Costs of a survey depend on the size and age of the building.
When carrying out asbestos demolition surveys and asbestos management surveys in NI, we always adhere to the highest standards of professionalism. We will ensure that every area is checked and that nothing escapes our gaze. Before your building is demolished or refurbished, you can be assured that it will be rendered completely safe from the danger of asbestos. We want to ensure that the dangers of asbestos to tradesmen and to the public are completely removed and that is why we pledge our services to ensure that this threat is eliminated completely.

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