The Leading Name to Trust for Asbestos Management

When it comes to the presence of asbestos, there can simply be no chances taken. The health hazards are well documented and every employer has a responsibility to ensure the safety of employees. Asbestos surveys are necessary to protect any person from accidental exposure. Asbestos becomes a threat when it is disturbed or damaged, and there have been many unfortunate cases of tradesmen such as plumbers and electricians penetrating pipe insulation and other areas only to realise that they have been exposed to potentially harmful materials. It is our aim to prevent the occurrence of instances such as these and we offer a fully comprehensive asbestos consultancy service. We are leaders in the field of asbestos surveys in Northern Ireland and deliver peace of mind along with adherence to every health and safety regulation.
The lack of sufficient knowledge regarding the presence of asbestos on any site is usually the reason for incidents. It is important to gain full awareness and ensure all staff members are working in safe environments. Regulations dictate that all asbestos surveys in NI are carried out by a competent and qualified individual and we cannot stress enough the importance of engaging a responsible professional to undertake the task. Our clients can rest assured that we are in possession of every skill and qualification to carry out your asbestos survey to the highest standard possible.
Our service is split into two simple surveys for the convenience of our customers. We deliver a refurbishment and demolition survey for all buildings that are due to undergo work. Our second option is the management survey, which inspects a building for the presence of any suspicious asbestos containing materials. Both services are thorough, comprehensive and cover every need.
Research is yet to highlight and determine a safe level of exposure to asbestos, but it is true that the risk of developing disease increases with prolonged exposure. Once asbestos is airborne in any environment the workers on site become susceptible. We perform the finest level of testing and provide the highest quality asbestos management programs. When you engage our services you will benefit from industry experts that have all the experience and capabilities necessary to facilitate every requirement.
Every aspect of our work is designed to provide immediate prevention to exposure along with long lasting prevention as long as your building has an asbestos presence. Our service involves the swift analysis of samples and the delivery of results inside of 4 working days. We dedicate ourselves to the execution of proficient asbestos surveys Northern Ireland. NI clients can confidently entrust all their asbestos needs to us.

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