Moving Towards a Safer Northern Ireland

The dangers associated with asbestos far outweigh any benefits we could derive from it. Although its insular and fire retardant properties made it seem beneficial to use in building and construction work, we now know just how deadly the effects on the human body particles of asbestos can be. Here in Northern Ireland there is a substantial amount of effort being put into managing and removing asbestos installations in order to protect everyone from harm. To make sure this happens as efficiently as possible, we offer the most informed and comprehensive of asbestos management surveys and asbestos demolition surveys Northern Ireland property owners can obtain.
Exposure to asbestos is a common cause in many cases of mesothelioma, pleural thickening, lung cancer and several other forms of respiratory disease. As the spores and particles of asbestos which break off and become airborne are all but invisible to the naked eye, it is virtually impossible to, from a visual inspection, ascertain if an asbestos installation poses a threat or not. This is why, in the overwhelming majority of cases, removal is considered the safest approach to take. To remove asbestos in the least damaging way possible requires careful and considered planning, which is where our services come in.
After an initial survey is held to determine the level of asbestos containing materials (ACM) in a building is completed, at Asbestos Solutions NI we offer a two step survey strategy in order to ensure working safety and appropriate removal. Our asbestos management surveys establish where exactly ACM occurs inside a building, assessing the direct and indirect threat it poses to anyone using the building. This is important as it allows for the successful short term use of a building whilst minimising the risks of the presence of asbestos. Further to this, our asbestos demolition surveys in NI allow for the safest and most comprehensive removal of ACM installations possible. Due to the dangerous nature of the substance, asbestos cannot simply be removed and discarded like other forms of insulation or building materials. The correct and proper way to dismantle and remove each occurrence of asbestos must be established to secure both the safety of those carrying out the work and to assure that all elements of asbestos are gone.
We are committed to contributing to a safer Northern Ireland. Our expert services are focused on ensuring that you meet not only the legal requirements regarding ACM being present in buildings, but also that you assure the highest level of safety possible for all those using your premises. With us you do not simply just meet the letter of the law in terms of requirements, you make certain all risk are identified and made possible to eradicate.

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