Offering the Asbestos Management You Can Rely on

The danger presented by asbestos has been well documented for many years now. The fact that it was widely used for a host of construction purposes meant that anybody working directly with the material or exposed to it through substantial environmental contact was at risk of developing health problems. All use was banned in 1999, but asbestos is still present in many properties and it is imperative that it be subjected to thorough testing. Asbestos possesses an incredibly high resistance to heat and a range of other chemicals, and were it not for its huge health risks it would be an extremely beneficial product. The problems begin when asbestos is damaged or disturbed. Until then it poses no threat but when the airborne fibres are released it becomes potentially lethal to all individuals exposed.
We offer a comprehensive service for asbestos management surveys in NI that delivers all manner of asbestos support. We are a professional and specialist consultancy and we deliver practical, impartial and beneficial advice at all times. We can assist you with every element of asbestos management including surveys, testing, analysis and training. It is often the case that establishments and employers are unsure of their precise obligations and as a result we offer all the help you need. We respond swiftly to every enquiry with personal attention and always deliver the most professional support. We take a flexible approach and deliver an accurate analysis every time.
Every individual and organisation responsible for a commercial property has an inherent obligation to comply with established asbestos regulations. The implemented regulations dictate that testing must be carried out by suitably qualified and competent professionals. We have the necessary experience to conduct the highest quality tests. We will always deliver a detailed report that is clear and easy to understand. If any questions or concerns arise regarding your report, we are always happy to address your issues and highlight any information that appears unclear. The cost of an asbestos survey is always dependant on the size and age of your building. We will readily schedule a free visit to your premises and offer a quote or we can provide a quote via the telephone or email if we receive the relevant building information.
When you engage our services you can feel confident that we have every capability of ensuring you meet your obligations and that any accidental exposure to potentially dangerous asbestos fibres is prevented. We have every commitment to ensuring the safety of everybody we work with, so contact us for more information about our asbestos management surveys in Northern Ireland.

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