Locating Asbestos Safely Takes Care and Experience

Asbestos is an incredibly hazardous material which was used for many years in the construction sector. It was finally banned completely at the end of 1999 following a crack down on certain varieties of it, and a deeper understanding of the dangers that exposure to it caused. Since the turn of the new Millennium people have been actively removing asbestos from properties to ensure that people in them aren’t at risk of inhaling hazardous fibres and dusts. This has increased the necessity for asbestos management surveys in Northern Ireland and beyond, to ensure that the material is being handled and managed in the right way.
If you plan any alterations to a property or are demolishing one you need to first make sure there is no asbestos present. To do this a survey should be conducted by an experienced contractor. You should never go searching for asbestos on your own because it can leave you at risk of exposure and spreading it around the property. Care needs to be taken when looking for contaminated materials because it is impossible to determine their condition and how bad dispersal will be if they are disturbed before you locate them.
All asbestos surveys will take a look at the property and highlight locations where hazardous materials are found. Samples will be taken to determine what type of asbestos it is and its condition. If the material is easily crumbled and damaged it needs to be removed very carefully. Inspectors will probably be unable to check the whole building but areas that aren’t checked should be considered to contain contaminants.
With the report from the survey you can start to plan the removal, starting off with the asbestos. After the materials themselves are removed you need to wait for dust in the air to settle. You can then clean it up and start the rest of the removal. During a demolition or renovation if you stumble on to anything you suspect to be hazardous you should cease work and get it tested.
If you’re planning any work on a property in Northern Ireland, we specialise in asbestos management surveys in NI and can provide the services you need. We have a wealth of experience, including working on countless industrial and commercial properties. If hazardous materials are present in your property we will find them and notify you quickly so you can get your project underway in the safest conditions possible.

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