The Difference Between Management and Refurbishment/Demolition Surveys

Difference Between Management and Refurbishment/Demolition Surveys

Properties that contain asbestos need to be managed very carefully when they are refurbished or demolished. The material was used widely in buildings for many years before it was banned and it still exists in a huge number of properties across the UK built before the Millennium. Any work that you do on a property must be done with care to keep the potential of materials being spread to a minimum, especially when you don’t know the condition and how extensively it has been used.
Asbestos management surveys are designed to check where harmful materials are found in a property so you can plan ahead if you need to remove them. They are extensive and will ensure as much of the building is surveyed as possible; areas not looked at should be considered to contain materials and inspected with care in the future if necessary.
If you’re planning to refurbish a building or demolish it you’ll need to put plans in place to minimise the risk of exposure to them.
Refurbishment/demolition surveys are slightly more complex than management ones as they are designed to help contractors to plan safe removal and take steps to ensure people are protected for the whole duration of the project. Whenever there is somebody on site they will need to follow set safety procedures, including wearing the right equipment. All contaminated materials also have to be managed properly, all the way down to cleaning the tools used to remove them.
The management plans should be made after the actual surveys to locate asbestos are complete so you have the right information to base your strategy on. With removal you need to create the safest path for materials to leave the property to minimise the spread and keep clean areas safe for unprotected personnel. The plans will also help you to know which areas of the property you’ll need to clean up after the materials containing asbestos are removed.
Whether you need asbestos management surveys or more complex ones for a refurbishment or demolition you can rely on us to help you inspect properties in NI. We are based locally and committed to offering the safest solutions for every single client. We understand the importance of our services and will never compromise the quality of our reports by conducting them too quickly. When samples are required we will take them carefully and ensure they are tested to the right standards.

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