Northern Ireland Asbestos Training

Northern Ireland Asbestos Training

Northern Ireland Asbestos Training

We are a local NI company with offices in Belfast and Coleraine offering Northern Ireland Asbestos Training.

Asbestos is a lethal material used in construction up until 1999. It may be present in homes or businesses built or refurbished on or before the year 2000.

Asbestos is everyone’s concern. Do not rely on others to protect you. There have been many cases of health and safety breaches in Northern Ireland and this puts you in danger.

Asbestos Training Goals

We come to you! ACE Asbestos Solutions will attend your group and provide all you need to know about asbestos at work. You will learn where the asbestos is found and how to protect yourself from any contact or dust. It will make your workplace a much safer place.

By the end of the training you will be able to identify asbestos and it will enable you to spot dangers that arise. In previous cases we have seen sub contractors come into sites and disturb asbestos materials without there being any asbestos survey. This is extremely dangerous and exposes everyone to asbestos fibres.

Our training will enable your staff to spot mistakes like this. It keeps everyone safe and will also ensure that your business doesn’t fall short in it’s health & safety duties.

Asbestos Surveys & Training

Did you know that we are qualified asbestos surveyors? You can rest in the knowledge that you will receive training from a qualified an experienced asbestos surveyor. We have seen it, touched it and had it tested. It would surprise you where asbestos lurks!

We can offer your business a deal if you would like a complete package. A complete asbestos survey and asbestos awareness training. We will even help you setup an asbestos register. This can be used to show sub contractors where the risks are before they begin site work.

Call Philip on 07702 332 333 to find out more! We would love to help. Alternatively you can visit our Contact Page and fill out the web form or email us.

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