Northern Ireland Commercial Asbestos Surveys

Northern Ireland Commercial Asbestos Surveys

We are ACE building surveyors. We carry out Northern Ireland commercial asbestos surveys. It is clear that asbestos is a hazard and no one should ever come into contact with it, especially unknowingly.

Commercial Property Asbestos Regulations

If you are a tenant, a building manager or a landlord of commercial premises in Northern Ireland then you have responsibility for managing asbestos unless your contract states otherwise.

Ok, So I am the duty holder or person in charge of the building. What do I need to do?

  • Check your lease to see what it says regarding any asbestos. If you are a tenant, the landlord may take on this responsibility but never rely on this. Always take extra precautions when renting a commercial premises.
  • Book an asbestos survey. We can’t stress the importance of this enough. This will help you locate asbestos within the building. If you get the experts in then nothing will be missed and we can help you with an asbestos management plan. You and your staff remain healthy and stay on the right side of the law.
  • As part of our asbestos survey we will present a full and detailed report of what was found. Asbestos samples will be tested at a UKAS accredited lab in Northern Ireland. We personally take the samples to the lab ourselves.
  • You should then carry out a risk assessment. You can get more information about these on the Health & Safety Executive’s website here.
  • This information should be provided to anyone who may come into contact with the asbestos. For example, if a contractor comes in to make upgrades or refurbish / fit-out the building, they MUST be given the information on where the asbestos is. The asbestos must not be disturbed.
  • The asbestos must be kept in a good state of repair or a specialist asbestos removal company should be brought in to remove it safely.

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