Northern Ireland Recycling Company Fined For Employee Asbestos Exposure

Northern Ireland Recycling Company Fined For Employee Asbestos Exposure

A local Northern Ireland recycling service has been sentenced for asbestos disturbances at a site of a disused factory in Portadown.

The proprietor was taken to court and pleaded guilty for failing to stop the spread of asbestos during the contracted works. The firm was brought in to remove steel and other materials from the Charles Street site in Portadown. The hearing judge handed down a 6th month suspended prison sentence and a £6000 fine.

Employee Asbestos Exposure

Two employees working at the site were exposed to asbestos during removal of steel. During an investigation asbestos based insulation that would crumble easily was located. The entire site was contaminated with asbestos fibres.

A HSENI inspector said that the incident could have been avoided if the company had of commissioned and asbestos survey of the building before starting works. The company failed to identify the asbestos and so employees were exposed unnecessarily.

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