Over 47000 NIHE Properties Contain Asbestos

Over 47000 NIHE Properties Contain Asbestos

According to a recent BBC report over 47,442 housing executive properties contain asbestos in Northern Ireland.

It is thought that Belfast is host the greatest number of properties that contain asbestos. The Department of Education has recently said that the vast majority of school buildings also contain asbestos.

Asbestos Risks if Disturbed

The Northern Ireland Housing Executive confirmed that asbestos can pose a risk if it is disturbed. Asbestos can be disturbed by sanding, drilling, and other maintenance works. The NIHE currently manage asbestos in their properties and have regular asbestos surveys carried out.

Any asbestos identified that would be impacted by NIHE upgrade or maintenance work is usually removed before work takes place. The NIHE remind tenants to contact them before carrying out any work so that asbestos survey details can be checked first. If none are available an asbestos survey would be carried out.

Asbestos Surveyors Northern Ireland

We are a local team of professional asbestos surveyors operating across Northern Ireland. We know that asbestos can lurk in many areas in a typical home. Finding the asbestos is key to protecting anyone using the property. If you would like your business or home premises checked by our professional surveyors, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

Our team of professional asbestos surveyors can help you get an asbestos register in place so that asbestos related issues are avoided.