Farm Buildings & Asbestos

Farm Buildings & Asbestos

Asbestos was used in the construction of farm buildings across Northern Ireland. You will find asbestos on the farm in roof sheeting, guttering, down spouts, soffits, fascia and pipe lagging.

In many cases the asbestos becomes damaged due to its age, erosion or interference by birds and animals. This can trigger the need for safe asbestos removal.

Asbestos products that are in good condition can remain and managed if certain criteria are met.

Asbestos Farm Roofing Sheets

Asbestos in farm roofing sheets (Asbestos cement) is the most common asbestos we would find. Asbestos removal can be very expensive and it often the best form of protection. Our surveyors will work in your best interests and will be able to detail the best course of action in your report.

If we make a case for asbestos remaining in situ then we will look to make sure it is not damaged. Our asbestos surveyor will check to make sure it is not likely to degrade further and we make sure it is unlikely be of any risk to anyone. If it is in good condition and poses no threat then a management plan can be put in place.

Asbestos Surveys in Northern Ireland

Our team of professional asbestos surveyors can help you get an asbestos register in place so that asbestos related issues are avoided.