Asbestos Illegally Dumped Near River

Asbestos Illegally Dumped Near River

Two large bags of asbestos have illegally been dumped near the River Clyst close to Sowton. It is thought the asbestos waste was dumped in November.

Fly-tipping goes on across the country and unfortunately all types of waste end up in our beauty spots. However the discarding of asbestos materials is alarming.

A Disregard For Public Safety

Whoever dumped the asbestos has clearly shown a complete disregard for public safety. Children could have come into contact with the deadly material possibly not knowing what it is.

There was at least three refuse sites within a few miles radius that could have safely accepted the material properly.

As always the advice would be not to touch any materials or builders waste as it could contain asbestos material. Instead any fly-tipping should be reported to your local council or environment agency.

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