Asbestos is Still a Major Killer of Tradesmen and Women in Northern Ireland

Asbestos is Still a Major Killer of Tradesmen and Women in Northern Ireland

We continually warn about the dangers of asbestos in buildings constructed before the year 2000. Many people are still coming into contact with asbestos on a daily basis in Northern Ireland. People working in the trades are especially vulnerable.

Disturbing asbestos is dangerous. It releases lethal microscopic fibres into the air that can kill if inhaled. Even a small amount can cause serious damage.

HSENI Asbestos Safety Campaign

The Health & Safety Executive for Northern Ireland has launched a new asbestos campaign in the form of social media messages, television and radio adverts to raise awareness about the continued dangers of working with or disturbing asbestos.

One Asbestos Death Every 2 Weeks in NI

According to chief executive Robert Kidd there is on average one asbestos related death every 2 weeks in Northern Ireland.

Always Check The Asbestos Register BEFORE Carrying Out Works

One of the aims of the new asbestos health & safety campaign is to encourage tradesmen and women to always ask to see the asbestos register especially when working on buildings constructed before the year 2000.

Tradespeople should check to see where the asbestos is located and ideally avoid touching or disturbing the material. The building manager has a legal duty to carry out an asbestos survey in any commercial building and maintain a register to keep everyone safe.

Do I Need An Asbestos Register?

The manager of a commercial building has a legal duty to have an asbestos survey carried out and keep a record on any material found.

Does this sound daunting? Don’t worry, we can carry out a professional asbestos survey anywhere in Northern Ireland. We can advise on setting up an asbestos register. This will protect all building users and keep you within the law.

If you would like to book a professional asbestos survey in Northern Ireland contact us. Or alternatively call Philip on 07702 332 333 today.