Here’s Some Facts on Asbestos

Here’s Some Facts on Asbestos

What was once known as the miracle fibre, asbestos is now one of the most feared materials on Earth. Should you be unlucky enough to come into contact with it, you should never disturb or touch it and it should be reported to the relevant authority.

Fact 1: Asbestos occurs naturally – It’s true! Asbestos can be any of 6 types of naturally occuring minerals. They include Chrysotile, Amosite, Crocidolite, Termolite, Actinolite and Anthophyllite.

Fact 2: Asbestos related health problems can go undetected for decades – In many cases it can take anywhere from 20 years to up to 30 and sometimes longer for any symptoms to become apparent.

Fact 3: Microscopic Asbestos fibres are easily inhaled – Asbestos enters your lungs through inhalation and causes severe damage. These needle like fibres cannot be broken down by the body.

Fact 4: Asbestos exposure causes a range of health problems – Many people think asbestos just causes Mesothelioma but actually it has many other knock on effects. While someone can be ill, they may not necessarily have Mesothelioma but can have breathing problems, fatigue and chest pain.

Fact 5: The UK has the highest death rates from asbestos exposure – We used to be one of the biggest importers of asbestos. It was banned for use in 1999 but is still present in buildings across the country in 2021!

Fact 6: We can help keep you safe (and legal) – We are a team of professional asbestos surveyors working across Northern Ireland. We have offices in Coleraine & Belfast.

Booking an asbestos survey can give you peace of mind

If you are worried that asbestos may be present at your property of business premises please call us to book a professional asbestos survey. We can take samples and produce an easy to understand asbestos report.

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