Co-Op Plumber Awarded £81000 Compensation

Co-Op Plumber Awarded £81000 Compensation

Compensation For Asbestos Exposure Plumber

We read a story recently where a plumber had been awarded compensation for his asbestos exposure during his working life as a plumber.

Apprentice Plumber

Mr. L began working as a plumber at the age of 15. A young apprentice for a small plumbing firm. He went on to work for Longeaton Co Operative Society. The society owned well over 150 properties including farms.

He had spoken about his time working in the buildings and described the “monkey muck” insulation that surrounded the boilers. He used to mix asbestos to form the insulation that was applied to the exterior of the boilers.

Chipping & Repairing Asbestos Insulation

Mr L. would have enclosed the boilers in the asbestos mix and described how it would have needed repairs from time to time. Asbestos mix would have to be removed or chipped off the boiler and a new application re-applied.

No Masks Or Ventilation

During his work as a plumber he described working in clouds of asbestos dust. No masks were supplied and there was little ventilation. Mr L. would have to repair asbestos during his working life. Asbestos soffit would have to be drilled and repaired leading to dangerous asbestos dust being released into the air. If you would like to read the full story please click here.

What Have We Learnt?

We have heard countless similar stories from plumbers, electricians and other workers that have been subjected to asbestos dust during their working life.

Today asbestos risk is well documented and awareness is generally good. This should not happen to the modern worker.

Asbestos use is now banned and any existing asbestos in your property should be maintained or removed by a specialist. Do not take any risks when dealing with asbestos.

NI Asbestos Surveys

We carry out NI asbestos surveys.

What we offer:

We will attend your property and survey every area. Any suspected asbestos found will be documented and in some cases samples will be taken and analysed at a Northern Ireland laboratory. We leave no stone un-turned!

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