News – Large Fine For Contractor For Multiple Failings

News – Large Fine For Contractor For Multiple Failings

Block Of Flats Owner Fined £200,000

The owner of a block of flats was hit with a substantial fine of £200,000 after the Health & Safety Executive identified multiple breaches during demolition works.

The magistrates court in Westminster, London learned that a member of the public had raised the alarm after expressing concerns.

The owner had failed to employ an appropriate contractor to carry out the works.

HSE On Site Inspection

The HSE sent out officers to investigate in October 2016 and work was stopped. Workers were demolishing the building by hand and were exposed to risks including asbestos, trips and falls and fire.

Enforcement notices were served and on January 2017 the HSE discovered that work had re-started despite the notice. Unsafe practice was still being carried out.

HSE noticed that there was a risk that workers could have fallen through holes in the floors and partially demolished stair cases. There were no welfare facilities in place and there was a fire risk with no safe means of escape.

Court Sentence

The court learned that the HSE had to take further action just two days before the hearing.

The owner had paid workers cash in hand and had no project manager or supervisor in place. Despite the large profit to be made, the court heard how the owner had put profit before safety. There was no legally required documentation present.

The owner pleaded guilty to breaching regulations and was fined £200,000 and £1,421.20 in costs. Read the full article here.

Asbestos Exposure & Surveys

The above story tells us there will always be someone looking to make a quick profit at the expense of health & safety.

This happens across the UK and it is the worker that can suffer later in life. It may seem a good idea at the time that you will be paid a large amount to get a job done quickly. And workers may not think or worry about asbestos at the time. It is not worth it.

Never take short cuts when it comes to asbestos.

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