Firefighters Asbestos Exposure Leads to Mesothelioma

Firefighters Asbestos Exposure Leads to Mesothelioma

Mr Tony Carlton, 82, worked as a firefighter in England during the 70’s. Unfortunately he was exposed to asbestos fibres when putting out many of the barn fires that were made from corrugated asbestos sheets.

Tony was given 6 months to live when diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2019. He described how he had lost weight and experienced a shortness of breath.

Some Good News

Thankfully Tony was able to avail of a new pioneering immunotherapy cancer treatment which he started in February 2020 which has been extremely successful. 1 year later it has been so successful that it has been scaled back.

Tony has been able to gain weight and get back to gardening again which is brilliant. You can read more on this story here.

Learning Lessons on Absestos

It’s a pity that we didn’t know then what we know now when it comes to asbestos. Asbestos is deadly and we should keep away from the material. Find out more here. The problem is that many don’t know what it looks like and where it may be lurking.

This is one of the big problems today. People are coming into contact with asbestos unnecessarily. If in doubt always contact a professional asbestos surveyor to check your building for asbestos.

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