NI Asbestos Assessments

NI Asbestos Assessments

We carry out NI Asbestos Assessments and surveys. We are fully qualified and have extensive experience in conducting thorough asbestos surveys.

We keep up to date with the latest asbestos developments across the UK and we continually remind everyone about duties when it comes to dealing with asbestos. Whether you are Joiner, Electrician, Laborer or any worker in fact. You have a duty to ensure safety in the workplace.

Sometimes a contractor can fall short of their obligations or there can be gaps in procedures. This can lead to life threatening health & safety failures.

Builder Fined for Inadequate Asbestos Assessment

A contractor from Bedfordshire was fined for failing to carry out a proper assessment of asbestos removal. Read the full article here.

The magistrates court in Luton heard how the contractor was due to carry out demolition works at a building in Biggleswade.  The contractor did have an asbestos survey carried out before the demolition work had taken place although the work was reported by a member of the public who had concerns.

The Health & Safety Executive investigated and found that the contractor did not properly check the asbestos survey findings before carrying out the work. It was found that no licensed asbestos removal contractor was appointed.

Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012

At Luton Court the Contractor pleaded guilty to the failings and breaches to sections 5,7,8 and 16. A fine of £2970 and court costs of £5419 was handed down.

A Health & Safety inspector said that the failings in this case could have led to severe illness in later years. The contractor not only put himself at risk but fellow colleagues and members of the public walking past.

Duty holders have the responsibility to ensure proper assessments take place to avoid asbestos exposure. It is vital to check the accuracy and clarify all information provided by others.

NI Asbestos Assessments & Surveys

If your building was constructed before the year 2000 then it may contain asbestos. It is not easy to identify. It was used in many aspects of building and also mixed with ceiling and wall coverings.

We carry out extensive and thorough asbestos surveys across Northern Ireland. We are a team of fully qualified specialists.

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