UK Asbestos Deaths at Record Levels

UK Asbestos Deaths at Record Levels

According to a recent article from The Guardian, deaths from asbestos are reaching crisis levels due to it’s widespread use between the 1950’s – 1970’s.

Cancers caused by asbestos can take up to 50 years to become an apparent. Industry experts believe that asbestos related deaths are now reaching their peak.

The Health & Safety Executive released their latest figures this week. It shows 2,523 mesothelioma deaths in 2017. These cancers are caused by breathing in asbestos fibres and have been rising sharply since the 1970’s. Although many asbestos related lung cancer deaths are not recorded because it can be hard to tell if asbestos is the exact cause.

Asbestos Deaths to Remain High This Decade

The HSE has predicted asbestos related deaths to remain at peak levels for the rest of this decade. They have said that these types of deaths should then start to decline from then on.

Asbestos Still Present in Buildings

UK Asbestos Deaths at Record Levels

There are literally hundreds of thousands of commercial business, public and domestic buildings that still contain asbestos. It is important to avoid exposure and protect all users from inhalation of fibres. Having an asbestos survey carried out can help.

We are an independent team of professionally qualified asbestos surveyors and work across Northern Ireland. We can rigorously survey your premises and provide you with a written plain English report on our findings. The report can be used to create an asbestos management plan. This helps ensure everyone’s safety.

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